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Gives Me Shivers -  Brandon Zahorsky
Going Out Out - Neils Poulsen
12:01 am - John Hughes
Same Boat - Rachael McEnaney White
Welcome To The Hotel California - Micaela Svensson Erlansson
Stretched - Gary  & Cheryl Parker, Linda Wolfe & Robyn Groot
Fingers Crossed - Robyn Groot, Linda Wolfe & Gary & Cheryl Parker
It's Time - Linda Wolfe & Robyn Groot
Less & Less -Travis Taylor
Burning Inside - Tom Glover
Raised Like That - Darren Bailey
Shame & Scandal In The Family -R Ghazali (Revised)
Train Wreck - Niels Poulsen
Hold On - Vi Hooker (Revised)
Cyber Drop EZ - K Moore & C Mifsud
A Little Bit Louder - Maggie Gallagher
Do It With Style - M Gagnon & S Beauchamp
Father and Son - J Talbot & S Paterson
Missing Piece - Linda Burgess
Bella's Cha Cha - John Mulhall
Whatcha Reckon - J Talbot & L Olsen (Revised)
Neon Blue - Tina Argyle
Sister Kate - Ria Vos (Revised)
Little Miss Rosie - Tracie Lee
I'm On My Way - Maggie Gallagher
A Waltz For Megan - Sue Wilson
Some Kind Of Wonderful - Gary O'Reilly
Before You Love Me - Joshua Talbot
Homecoming Queen - K H Winson
Reunited - Neils Poulsen
Bottom Of The Bottle - Gary O'Reilly
Til The Neons Gone - Darren Bailey
Adios Cowboy - Tina Argyle
Always Humble - Willie Brown
Cloudy Day - Linda Burgess
Pot OF Gold - Liam Hrycan (Revised)
Happy Dance! - Jan Wyllie
Storm And Stone - Maddison Glover
Hasta Mañana - Charlotte Skeeters
Remember This - Maddison Glover
Fires - Barbara R K Wallace
Mighty Fine - Ria Vos
Make It - Rob Fowler
Polka Dot Bikini - Wil Bos
You Can Have Him - Linda Burgess
Stripes - Ria Vos (Revised)

Told You I Could Drink - Linda Burgess
Dizzy - Jo Thompson - (Revised)

Bootscoot Riot - Mark Simpkin & Tracie Lee (Revised) To the music  - Zootsuit Riot - By Cherry Poppin Daddies



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