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Sugar Mamma - Tina Morris & Ann Gorman

Veneno - Ria Vos

Oh Me Oh My Oh - Rob Fowler

Nothing Breaks Like A Heart - Linda Wolfe & Robyn Groot

Never Coming Down - Helen Ng & Julie Talbot

Dixie Road - June Hulcombe & Barb Willshire

Always Remember Us - Lu Olsen

Choke Around - Linda Burgess

Mr Jukebox - Tom Glover

La Fiesta Cubana - Verdonk, Trepar, Petauer & Gallagher

Found - Gordon Elliott

Homesick Heart - Maddison Glover

Light Up The World - Lorraine Summerell

Smooth Like The Summer - Anne Herd

Evergreen - Karen Hunn

That Don't Impress Me Much - Rosalie Mackay

Reason To Stay - Darren Bailey

Baby So Am I - Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher

Dance With A Stranger - Adrian Lefebour

Just Rockin' -Pamela Smith AUSSIE STEP SHEETS

Cha Cha Baby - Linda Burgess

Lonely Blues - Rachael McEnaney-White

Cherry Bomb - Rob Fowler

Yeeeee Haaaaa - Simon Ward  Revised

Like A Wrecking Ball - Jennifer & John Hughes

Don't Worry Baby - Maria Smith

Hard To Find - Terry Dunbar   Revised

My New Life - John Offermans Revised

Boogie Shoes - Tim Gauci Revised

She Rides Wild Horses - Di McGrorey

Good Thing Going' - Adrian Lefebour

Big Blue Tree - Ria Vos Revised

Whatcha Reckon - Joshua Talbot & Lu Olsen

Rock It - Julia Wetzel

In A Spin - Linda Wolfe & Robyn Groot

My Mary - Kate Sala & Karl-Harry Winson

Playboys - Karl-Harry Winson

Gone West - G. O'Reilly & M Gallagher

Absolutely - Niels Poulsen

I'm Cold - Teresa & Vera

My Inspiration - Lisa Molkner-Foord & Marie Williams

A Little Texas Time - Darren Mitchell 

Flip Flops - Darren Mitchell

Train Swing - Neils Poulsen

Half Past Tipsy - Maddison Glover & Rachael McEnaney-White

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Dances Taught 2018


Break My Stride - Glenda Silver

Louisiana Bayou - Lisa Molkner-Foord & Dave Molkner

Everyday (It's Getting Closer)  - Linda Pink

My Gypsy Queen - Jo Hough

Country 2 Step - Masters In Line

Banjo - Bill Larson

Cha Cha Fever 2!- Sandy Kerrigan

Sweet Caroline - Darren Bailey

Bite My Dust - Linda Burgess

Chilly Cha Cha - Totoy Pinoy

Feel The Beat - Chris Watson

Over The Rainbow Swing - Gordon Elliott

Paddy's Choir - M Gallagher & G O'Reilly

Sunshine Waltz - Tracie Lee

Something About You Basic - Lu Olsen

EZ Geronimo - Gary Parker

EZ Tango With Me Darling - Juliet Lam

Throwback Love EZ - Annemaree Sleeth

Not For The World - Linda Pink

Best Year Yet - Linda Pink

Return To Sender AB - Sholes & Blankenship

Boot Scootin' Boogie - Bill Bader

Ticket To The Blues - Niels Poulsen

Flat Nail Joe - Ray Graham

Chilly Cha Cha - Totoy Pinoy

Not For The World - Linda Pink

The Best Year Yet - Linda Pink

My Mother My Teacher My Friend -  Ira Weisburd 
Flicker & Shine -  Kim McCloughan (NSW)
Soggy Bottom Summer - v Cathy & Tia Breed 
I Close My Eyes - Hazel Pace 

Coming Home Easy - Lu Olsen

I Know I'll Smile Again - Jennie Berry

Out Of Sight - Noel Bradey

Black Feathers - Sandy Kerrigan

Baby Love - Gordon Elliott

There Goes My Everything - Gordon Elliott

That's Country - Kim McCloughan (Revision)

Down On Your Uppers - Gary O'Reilly

Gotta Move - Julie Talbot & Helen Ng

K Is For Kicks - Christopher Gonzales

Whiskey Bridges - Maddison Glover

Our Lucky Country - Jennie Berry

Let's Twist Again - Karen Tripp

Sweet Darling - Molkner-Foord & Williams 

Down At The Honky Tonk - Darren Mitchell

Drink In My Hand - Rhonda Mathieson

Youngblood AB - Mitzi Day

This & That - Gary Lafferty

Down To The Islands - Jennifer Hughes (Revision)

Playing Every Honky Tonk - Verity & Dennis