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Hello everyone,
Here’s the update you’ve been waiting for. I can tell you that Westlakes classes will resume at Largs and Dora Creek on Wednesday 1st July with a maximum of 19 students and me in each hall/session. 

I’m hoping that we can resume the Monday and Friday Hall classes and the Tuesday class at Ulinga in the week beginning 6th July with the same restrictions of a maximum of 19 students in each session/hall. 

At this moment in time, I have no date for the Teralba Bowling Club class to resume. 

There are numerous directions from Councils and Hall Committees regarding our usage of each Hall. There are also directions that will help me to run the classes under restrictions as smoothly as possible. They include:
💃 No person should attend if they feel ill or have any cold/flu signs and symptoms 
💃 No person should attend if they have had Covid-19 or if they have had any contact with someone who has had or shown signs or symptoms of Covid-19 within two weeks of class. 
💃 No person should attend class if they have returned to Australia from overseas in the two weeks prior to class
💃 A maximum of 19 students can attend any one session
💃 All attendees will sign an attendance sheet with their full name, suburb and phone number for Tracking and Tracing purposes. These sheets by law, must be kept by me for 28 days, then destroyed. Student confidentiality will be maintained at the highest standard. 
💃 All attendees should bring their own pen to complete the attendance sheet. 
💃 All attendees should bring correct change so that we can reduce cross contamination risks. 
💃 Where there is a crossover period between sessions (eg from Beginner class to Easy Intermediate class etc), everyone should enter through the main door and leave through another door if available. 
💃 No one may enter the Hall whilst another class is in progress. Please wait in your cars until you can gain entry to the Hall OR gather in an appropriate social distancing group outside till you can gain entry. 

As the hirer, I have to sign an agreement that I will clean all door handles, light switches, power points, toilets, taps, sinks, counters, tables and chairs if used BOTH before and after class. At Teralba and Ulinga I also have to mop the floor twice at the end of my session, once with detergent and water and once with disinfectant. As you can all see, this will all be time consuming, and to add fuel to the fire, I actually fell and broke my left arm at shoulder level about 5 weeks ago now so there’s no way I can even mop once. I’m going to need class members to be available to help me out at the end of each class to pack up, clean up and close up. 

It is my intention to organise classes in such a manner that everyone will be “rostered” to classes/sessions in a fair and equitable manner. For some classes, this will be easy. For others, there will be restrictions so please bear with me as I do my best. Lucky I’m Obsessive Compulsive!! 

What should you do now? 
💃 Please respond on this post, your intention to attend which class/classes
💃 Please pass this information on to anyone who doesn’t have access to Facebook or the Internet and ask them to contact me, or you pass on their wishes to me on this post.
💃 Please give me an indication of your willingness to help with the “domestic chores” at the beginning of or the end of a class. 

It will be lovely to see you all and dance with you all very soon. 


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